Title : Tipico
Release Date : 2011
Format : CD

“This album is the result of one year of intense work of study and research. Adaptations and transcription made without taking away anything from the original songs that I have chosen to highlight. There are reinterpretations of songs from the repertoires of great tango orchestras from the past century, the ones that delineated the character and created real interpretation styles. There are also two songs of mine: one is called Barro y Spleen, a tango, and the other is Milonga Schupi arranged in an orchestral version, without percussions, more classic. This work was born with the intention of giving a tribute to this internationally very unknown music, that sometimes is alloyed by the re-edition of absurd stereotypes, but instead so deserving to be retraced and represented.“ extract from MUSICIAN LAND, Let’s talk about Music

“Le second CD de cette excellente formation italo-argentine est destiné au bal. Mariano Speranza, pianiste argentine, dirige ce septet qui m’a enchenté. Un travail avec force, la force du tango, cette pulsion si particulière qui nous trasporte et en meme temps nous montre le sol sur lequel nous sommes. ‘Tipico’ m’apparait comme étant un travail étonnant, juste, beau, puissant. […] Un rèpertoire sagement construit, des arrangements, tout novateurs qu’ils soient, s’insèrant naturellement dans la tradition du tango pour la dance.” La Salida, le magazine du tango argentin,  France n.77 febbraio – marzo 2012.


Tipico is also present in the catalogue of Abeat Records