Title : Contatto
Release Date : 2018
Format : CD

Contatto holds the authentic experiences that have led Tango Spleen to international success.

The album includes the most acclaimed interpretations of the Orquesta (Todo es amor, Milonga sentimental, Que nadie sepa mi sufrir), rediscovered tracks (Angela) and new arrangements of recordings regularly appreciated in worldwide milongas (Lagrimas y sonrisas, Reliquias porteñas, Silueta porteñas, Adiós corazón).
Contatto includes also some original and danceable tangos by Mariano Speranza and Andrea Marras (Doris, Fotos viejas, Azul y verde) and an unreleased chacarera that pays homage to Argentinian folklore (Dulce Pampera, by Victor Hugo del Grande).

Contatto invites you to discover the charm of tango, providing DJs and dancers with new tandas and outlining the invisible contact between music and dance with its notes.

1 Todo es amor (Lipesker – Romay)
2 Lágrimas y sonrisas (De Gullo)
3 Adiós corazón (Etchegoncelay – Sapelli)
4 Reliquias porteñas (De Leone)
5 Fotos viejas (Speranza)
6 Que nadie sepa mi sufrir (Dizeo-Cabral)
7 Azul y verde (Marras)
8 Silueta porteña (Cuccaro-D’Aniello-Nolli)
9 Ángela (Caviello)
10 Doris (Speranza)
11 Dulce pampera (Del Grande)
12 Milonga Sentimental (Piana – Manzi)

cover art and design by Gail Gosschalk