TANGO SPLEEN concerti febbraio 2017

February brings many news:

The tour of the show “Romeo y Julieta Tango” continues Saturday, February 5th 2017 at Teatro Curci in Barletta, directed and choreographed by Luciano Padovani with Naturalis Labor Company, with the live music of Tango Spleen Cuarteto, with one more performance at the Teatro Fabbri in Vignola Friday, February 17th.

The ensemble performs in “Piazzolla Tango” show at the Teatro Vivaldi in Jesolo February 16th and “Passion Tango” February 22th at the Teatro Magnani in Fidenza.

At the end of the month, on February 25th, Tango Spleen will be the main orchestra of the international tango festival in the city of Le Mans (France).

See you!